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About Mafo-Institut
and its development

We are a full-service market research institute located in Schwalbach near Frankfurt/Main. We offer our clients the full range of market research services!

MAFO-Institut was founded in 1956 by Dr. Emil Bruckert in Frankfurt/Main. Within a few years, we needed larger facilities. Therefore, we moved into the newly built edifice in Schwalbach/Taunus in 1960. Today his son Andreas Bruckert is leading the institute – thanks to this continuity in management we could accumulate a wealth of experience!

Over the years, we did not only gain manifold experiences. Our range of services and methods changed as well. At the beginning, we focused on personal interviews which were conducted by our interviewers all over Germany. From 1996 onwards, these were complemented by phone interviews from our CATI studio in Schwalbach. Today we collect survey data personally, by phone, and online.

Not only the methods became more versatile, the geographic scope continuously broadened as well. Focusing on Germany in the beginning, we covered Europe from 1985 onwards. Today we conduct projects all over the world. For this purpose, we rely on an international institute network covering more than 40 countries. Needless to say that our partners have the same rigorous quality standards as we have! In 2009, this collaboration was institutionalized by the foundation of RedRay International Research.

From the beginning, we have covered a very diversified range of target groups. Representative population surveys according to the ADM sample design, b2b surveys and pharmaceutical projects – you will hardly find a target group which we have not surveyed!

Survey Methods

As a full-service institute we can offer you the full range of market research, concerning target groups, study designs and the methods used – irrespective whether you are interested in fieldwork services only or in a fully fledged market research project.


We have more than 350 interviewers who are spread all over Germany. With their help we can cover a broad variety of target groups, from population surveys over B2B to physicians and pharmacists.

By phone

From representative populations surveys according to the ADM design to very specific target groups: from our CATI studio in Schwalbach we can reach your target group as well.


Whether you are looking for specific groups or want to survey the population as a whole – we can reach your target group fast and accurately.


Questions concerning motives, attitudes or emotional decisions need sometimes more than merely quantitative methods. To capture these question in their full breadth we offer you focus groups and in-depth interviews.


You need very specific respondents for your project? We are glad to offer our help for recruitment.

Case studies

Exemplary a small selection from the diversity of accomplished projects

Fully automatic coffee machines

  • We explored – together with our client – how the new design of a fully automatic coffee machine is perceived in different European countries and in comparison with current models of the competitors.
  • The study design was two-fold: To obtain a feedback of the newly designed user interface we conducted qualitative in-home interviews. The design of the hardware was evaluated during studio tests. We asked coffee drinkers in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris, London, and Moskau for their evaluations of different coffee machine models. We thereby collected qualitative impressions as well as standardized evaluations of the different machines, to be able to prepare recommendations on a sound basis.
  • Designer of our client were directly involved in every step of the fieldwork. If possible, we could implement first robust results into the ongoing fieldwork and re-test our recommendations in the continuing research process.
  • Based on our findings the design of the machine was optimally adapted to the tastes in the different countries. Furthermore our client gained valuable insights which enrich future product development.

Commercial vehicles

  • We conducted a multi-wave survey for a commercial vehicle manufacturer, how its users evaluate the quality of the products of different manufacturers and which experiences they make.
  • We surveyed companies from the transport industry in several European and North and South American countries. To guarantee the success of this study, we sent our interviewers to the companies in-person to identify the most suitable contact person. Several changes between interviewees during the same interview were by no means uncommon!
  • We could easily validate whether our recommendations and implementation strategies were successful thanks to the multi-wave design of this study!

Cavern enlargement

  • In advance of a large infrastructure project we surveyed attitudes of stakeholders. To this group belonged the population in the affected area, action groups, local politicians and politicians from the Länder level as well as regulating authorities.
  • As the parties involved are very manifold, we used a great diversity of methods as well. We gained a representative portrayal of the attitudes in the general population by using a regional ADM sample for phone interviews, while politicians and authorities were asked online or in written form. The impact of an information campaign was measured by face-to-face interviews in the context of information events.
  • Our results created the foundation to develop consensus and other implementation strategies. The regular and intense participation of the customer allowed quick consideration of the results.


  • The purposes of a project concerning diabetes type 2-careers depending on lifestyles and attitudes were the following: A better understanding of disease progression, optimization of counselling services and the development of approaches to guarantee compliance with doctoral advice.
  • To obtain a comprehensive picture of the impacts of this disease we conducted a multitude of qualitative and quantitative face-to-face interviews. We surveyed patients, general practitioners, practices specialized in diabetologic treatments as well as key opinion leaders in the healthcare sector.
  • The result of this project were the development of different diabetes type 2-careers, how they can be diagnosed and how counselling and treatment may be optimized.

Stock market launchs

  • In the run-up of the flotation of a producer of innovative transport solutions we conducted a survey with the goal to gather sound assessments of the investment volume among private and professional investors to obtain the optimal subscription price.
  • We conducted a telephone survey among potential investors. We developed, based on these results and by using different multivariate techniques, several scenarios comprising possible subscription prices.
  • The accuracy of the finally chosen scenarios was 96 percent!


  • In cooperation with an English partner institute we submitted different liquids for e-cigarettes to a taste test.
  • We recruited smokers and vapers in the street to invite theme to studio tests in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Leipzig. We presented them one of eight different flavors and asked them to evaluate taste and digestibility. These evaluations were collected both by a standardized questionnaire as well as by qualitative questions to obtain all aspects which were relevant to the interviewees.
  • Based on these results we prepared recommendations for the future development of the different flavors.

Involuntary childlessness

  • This project examined for the first time in Germany the sensitive issue of involuntary childlessness by scientific means. Our goals were to estimate the proportion of persons affected in the population and the accompanying psychological strain.
  • For this baseline study we used qualitative and quantitative methods. To obtain a comprehensive picture of the problem, we interviewed the population, counselling centers, politicians, specialists in reproductive medicine, and key opinion leaders.
  • In a multistage procedure and in close cooperation with the contracting authorities we identified several groups of persons affected, outlined their willingness for counselling and treatment and their individual psychological strain, and we developed strategies for policies, reproductive medicine and family counselling.


  • In this study we examined evaluations of a drugstore chain and especially the expansion of its assortment towards sustainably and ecologically produced goods.
  • We surveyed in multiple waves 1000 women per wave as the main target group by using standardized questionnaires. The personal interviews took place at the women’s homes.

Fleet managers

  • We could directly observe the ramifications of the Diesel scandal in our yearly studies among fleet managers which we conduct in collaboration with our French partner institute.
  • For this purpose we interviewed fleet managers in companies of different sizes and branches.
  • Based on the results of this survey, recommendations for improving consulting services are elaborated.

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